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Can't Get Enough Of You Baby

The Colour Field
D. Randells/S. Linzer


So my little "OHWW" experiment hasn't exactly set fire to the internet. Even so, it's been a blast regurgitating some of my favorite obscure tracks from the 80s, but I'm kind of running out of viable options (at least from what I have on CD...I haven't quite mastered the vinyl conversion yet). Sure, I could dish out more obvious candidates like "Come On, Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners...or "99 Luftballons" by Nena...or "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent Darby...or "Party All The Time" by Eddie Murphy...but I do have my dignity. Ergo, I've decided to do what's best for all of us and take the summer off to do what I should be doing (i.e. finishing my third novel). 

Instead of leaving you in the lurch, I'll leave you with a ditty so rare that I couldn't even find a video version of it anywhere. You've probably heard Smashmouth do this song, but if you've never heard The Colour Field's cover of "I Can't Get Enough of You Baby" from their import Virgins and Philistines, you're not alone. These Manchester lads only charted in the UK, even tho Terry Hall (ehem) really started something in the US as the frontman of Fun Boy Three, especially after pairing up with Bananarama. Quite frankly, I don't recall when or how I ever heard of them, or where I bought their album (probably the Princeton Record Exchange, where I scarfed up many an import - including all of Duran Duran's dance mixes and EPs), but there's a lot of cool retro stuff on it, like the live version of another track from the album - "Castles In The Air" - that I did miraculously find. So enjoy both, and have a bitchin summer!