1. Jeopardy

From the recording 80s ONE-HIT WONDERAMA

Before falling prey to Weird Al Yankovic, The Greg Kihn Band hit the #2 spot (for the first and last time) in 1983 on the US Hot 100 Billboard chart with "Jeopardy", partly due to the accompanying video being in heavy rotation on MTV, partly due to being one of the first acts to serialize their music videos with a Night of the Living Dead theme. Proving there is a fine line between stupid and clever, Kihn also got creative with his album titles - Kihntinued (1982), Kihnspiracy (1983), Kihntageous (1984), Citizen Kihn (1985) - until he apparently ran short of puns. Even so, Kihn and his band toured throughout the 80s as the opening act for the likes of Journey, The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones and it seems he's still hanging onto the decade by hosting his annual "Kihncert" in California. He's most definitely not alone.

And now a word from our favorite musical satirist...