Book 1 of The Museum Project Series

"Imagine all the places in the world we both could've been at this exact moment..."

STRANGELOVE is the first installment in a trilogy of novels that follow the extraordinary rise and calamitous fall of one of the 1980's most prevalent casualties; the one-hit wonder band. Fantage is a pop rock quintet with an abundance of looks and talent embarking on their first national road tour in the hopes of snagging a record deal along the way. Their story is told through the eyes of the band’s hairdresser whose romantic entanglements lead to their personal and professional turmoil, on and off the tour bus, complicated even further by a vengeful sociopath.

Note: This novel contains the occasional use of strong language and sexual situations.



Book 2 of The Museum Project Series

"Every band has its problems."

But not quite like Fantage as their star begins its unparalleled ascent in the mid-80s music scene. While the band members become the latest pop rock pinups to grace the tabloids, they are faced with the challenges of their sudden notoriety. The trappings of fame soon start to outweigh the perks, especially for Nigel and Shelly Thompson whose marriage is put to the test by more than overzealous fans. With a megahit record and an international tour with a punk rock icon, Fantage is on the verge of exploding…if they don’t implode first.

Note: This novel contains the occasional use of strong language and sexual situations.




Full length comedy for kids of all ages

"It's not a beauty mark, you know."

Based on Victor Hugo's novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," this fast-paced, lighthearted adaptation takes a few liberties with the original text and focuses on one adventurous day in the life of fiction’s most unfortunate fellow. Here, Quasimodo is meant to be adored, not feared, while his villainous master Frollo sports a bad toupee. The handsome war hero Phoebus is easily outwitted (and charmed) by the feisty gypsy Esmeralda, and the city is patrolled by the 15th century’s version of the Keystone Kops. Nothing and no one is taken too seriously. But beneath the humor is a timeless moral core with lessons in cultural tolerance, triumph over adversity and the value of friendship.  

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THE LEGEND OF QUASIMODO, REVISITED has been performed in the US and Australia. You can download a freeview of the script at Eldridge and check out production photos on Quasi's Facebook Page.


1-act comedy about life, death and sushi

"Better than being in almost hell, eh?"

If you thought the SATs were bad, wait until you get to "almost heaven" where the recently deceased must pass a final exam in order to gain admission to proverbial paradise. Former fig-leaf wearer Adam is no stranger to this unearthly waiting room. In fact, it's his seven-hundredth visit and this time he's truly being tested by Greg, an inquisitive podiatrist, and the wisecracking St. Peter. Will Adam finally be granted access through the pearly white gates or is he doomed to roam the earth with yet another new identity?

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ALMOST HEAVEN has been performed throughout the US, including many high school productions. You can read a free sample at Playscripts.