1. Second Choice

From the recording 80s ONE-HIT WONDERAMA

This week, I decided to deviate from my "one hit" wonders and offer up an "obscure hit" wonder instead (let's face it, the 80s had plenty of those as well). Any Trouble started out as a cover band in the UK and when they did start recording their own music they had the misfortune of being labeled as mere imitators of others, particularly Elvis Costello. They toured the US in 1983 as the opening act for Ian Hunter and Molly Hatchet but never made it on top 40 radio nor the US charts -- Second Choice was ironically their second single and the first time I ever heard of them. Despite the determination and prowess of songwriter/singer/guitarist Clive Gregson (who's still at it even today, as you can see in the video I found from 2013), the band fizzled after a couple reincarnations and regurgitations of previously issued releases. But maybe it's not too late for him turning back the years...