1. Voo Doo

From the recording 80s ONE-HIT WONDERAMA

Poor Rachel Sweet. Not only was she misrepresented by her label, she missed the brass ring that other teeny-boppers like Tiffany and Britney got just by being at the mall (as if!). The "little girl with the big voice" who got her start singing jingles at the tender age of 6, also got to tour with Mickey Rooney and sing a duet with my own personal '70s heartthrob Rex Smith (albeit a corny, disco cover of "Everlasting Love") and record this hauntingly libidinous track (that only reached #72 on the Billboard charts) which would most certainly make the cut on the Strangelove soundtrack (should one ever exist). So there's no need to shed a tear for her like Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (on which she sang the title track) cuz she did well enough in her post-'80s pop career as an actor, writer and producer to buy Madonna's house in 2010 for just under $5 million...